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Tarpon Fishing Season 2021

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Great news! Big 200 pound plus Tarpon are showing up in Lee County waters. Book your charter now through the end of July for the chance to reel in this sought-after beauty of a fish they call “Silver King”. Spring is almost here which means Tarpon are making their way back to SW Florida! Tarpon are sought after not only for their beauty but the pure adrenaline rush you get once you hook into one. Tarpon, of course, being only a sport fish. The SW Florida coast is a unique experience. Here in the Lee County Gulf of Mexico coast, we have a shallow and slowly sloping bottom. We don’t have the large reefs of the Florida Keys or the huge drop-offs of the East Coast of Florida. What we do have is Tarpon and LOTS of them. There’s more than one reason we are called the “Tarpon Capital of the World”. One reason is the fact that the very first tarpon was caught right here Tarpon Bay on the bayside of Sanibel Island. It was the first tarpon caught on hook and line. That started the ball rolling. When the word got out sports fishing anglers from around the globe came in droves to catch this magnificent fish and have the fight of their lives. They soon found out that the migration of the tarpon took them from off Fort Myers Beach to the north tip of our county, Lee. At the north end of Lee County is Gasparilla Island, home to Boca Grande. South of Boca Grand is the famous Boca Grande Pass. Boca Grand Pass is known for three things, deep water, Tarpon, and lots of sharks! The nutrient-rich waters of Charlotte Harbor empty into the Gulf of Mexico through Boca Grande Pass. The waters carry what we call around here, pass crabs. These crabs are like candy to tarpon and they will pile up in layers waiting for their crunchy goodness.

Sanibel fishing charters

Even 14 yr. olds can bring in a 200lb Tarpon with a little help from a good captain.

Boca Grande Pass actually has Rules and Regulations of fishing. Along with the ecologically responsible anglers and guides came the money-hungry tournament anglers. What was once a gentleman’s sport became a “take no prisoners” kind of fishing. The boats got faster, fishing style over the top, and testosterone running higher than ever. Luckily, in recent years the efforts of the responsible anglers have won out! Sure, there’s the occasional yahoo that doesn’t know the etiquette of Boca Grande.

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For the most part, we are returning to responsible angling here in the Sanibel, Captiva, and Fort Myers Beach areas. Capt. Bill and Capt. CJ practice responsible angling. This means you’ll get the best experience while fishing the fair and guilt-free way. We respect the tarpon as one of the greatest species of fish in the oceans. Our Silver Kings are something to admire and we want to see them coming back to SW Florida for generations to come. Anglers can spend thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in pursuit of the famed Tarpon off Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach, Cayo Costa, and Gasparilla islands. Hiring a Tarpon guide affords you the best opportunity to catch this magnificent fish and check it off your bucket list as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Presidents and Billionaires have for decades. All with little effort on your part by having the best Tarpon guides in Southwest Florida. Capt. Bill and Capt. CJ have put many anglers on these elusive fish and released hundreds if not thousands of chrome beauties for numerous seasoned as well as amateur anglers. To book your Sanibel flats fishing charter please go to our BOOK NOW page and simply choose a 6, 8, 10 or even 12 hour tarpon charter experience in April, May, June, or July. You will not be disappointed in your hunt and catch of a lifetime. Go to Endless Summer Charters to make reservations for the 2021 Tarpon Season – Dates are going fast.

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